‘After 50 days of fasting and praying the Lord revealed himself to me clearly, calling me to pastor, to minister the His people.  That God will harvest the people’s faith through this ministry and the Lord said to call His ministry Harvest of Faith and led me to the scripture Matthew 9:36-38’.                                              Superintendent Lloyd B. Hall


 Harvest of Faith Ministry was established March 23, 2002 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Hall. Naming Elder Lloyd B. Hall as pastor; present were Deacon L.B. and Mother Lola Hall, Deacon Bill and Mother Mary Jackson, Minister Jonathon and Sister Kimberly Gaitor, Sr., Sister Shanera Hall and Superintendent Pastor Lloyd and Sister Debbie Hall. Weekly bible studies began in April, held in the home of Pastor Lloyd and Sister Debbie Hall with 15 in attendance the first night. The first Sunday worship service was June 2, 2002 at the Desert Pines High School; in July a mass fellowship was conducted uniting 41 members. The official installation of Pastor Hall was performed by the illustrious Nevada State Prelate, Bishop Carruth Hall. By August the Lord had made provisions for property to be purchased for the future church building. The vision was given to Superintendent Hall and confirmed through a dream by Deacon Bill Jackson. With the help of the Lord, a house was purchased and converted into our new sanctuary at 1849 North Lamb Boulevard.  Through the donations of family and friends, this facility was fully furnished by opening.  Within that first year, the church facility was enlarged by Superintendent Hall and the brothers to increase the seating capacity. Temporary pavement was provided in the back of the building for increased parking.

As we fulfill the Lord’s mission for this church:  to harvest the faith of men, women, boys and girls unto the salvation of Jesus Christ, the Lord is moving in a mighty way.  It is our plan now to expand the size of Harvest of Faith Ministry once again enabling us to extend our ministry reach further into the community.

Harvesting the faith of men women boys and girls unto the salvation of Jesus Christ. Back to top